An Obsession Begins…


So I alluded to my first project when I wrote the last blog. Here’s what I started with:

I was looking for a piece that was:
*Full of detailed woodwork
*did I mention cheap?

I was dying to try some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ASCP but I wanted a piece that wasn’t initially expensive in case I messed it all up and had to trash it and start all over (or quit!). This piece was a great one because it had been in the same family since new and was well taken care of. When I went to pick it up I was thrilled to discover behind the center door there were 3 additional drawers!! So I did my Pinterest research and discovered that ASCP was offered nearby and I rushed out to buy some (dragging my sister along) I had a bit of sticker shock ($35.95+tax for a QUART!) but I swallowed hard, paid and brought the ACSP Old Ochre paint home. I was anxious to start. I had been at a moms conference all day with my sister but I got home and got started at 10pm that night. Here’s what I accomplished the first night:




The 3 odd shaped things are the drawers from behind the center door. The thing I liked about chalk paint was everyone kept saying no prep, no sanding. So I washed the piece with soapy water and once dry, started painting. Chalk paint covers nicely and goes on easy so I was thrilled that I hadn’t wasted the $$ I spent and pleased with how fast I was able to progress the first night.

I also removed the hardware and used Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to give it an updated look.

I went back to the mom conference the next day and returned home to work some more on my project. I think my sister thought I was nuts! I used Minwax dark walnut stain as a glaze over the center door and drawers and they came along nicely with the glaze bringing out the detail in the woodwork:



I struggled with how to add the glaze to the top and sides without it looking weird. It turned out different than how I planned but I like it 🙂


One neat thing about the chalk paint is that as I added the glaze by rubbing it on, it naturally distressed the chalk paint:

Once I had the glaze on all 9 drawers, the top & sides I then let it “cure” for a few days. I knew this piece would have drinks and such set on it so I sealed the top with Minwax Polyurethane but I cheated and sprayed poly on the drawers and door using Valspar clear gloss. It sure made things go faster! We let it set a few more days, attached the hardware then brought it inside and to its new place:


All in all, I am very happy with my first project. Recently, my husband and I were at a craft fair and he saw a similarly painted piece for $450. Suddenly, he believes too 😉 Good thing since I’m obsessed now!


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  1. It is an obsession! Totally agree, but a good obsession. The furniture piece turned out great! I, too, use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and recently brought life into an old Goodwill find… Love the paint, love the projects. Thanks for sharing!

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