OMG $5 chairs!!


In the spirit of proving to my husband that I can totally find deals and turn them into great pieces, I continued my hunt on Craigslist.

Now, over the years I ended up with my grandmothers dining table and hutch. It was hers for 30+ years then when she moved into assisted living she sold it to me. It’s a great piece but the 6 chairs were mustard yellow velour and very ugly. The first year we had it 2 of the chairs broke and I decided we would just get rid of the chairs but keep the table & hutch. I just knew I could find more chairs. What I didn’t count on was struggling to find 6 chairs alike, without damage, in a reasonable price range, without an attached table! I found 2 brown leather parsons chairs on our local garage sale site thinking I’d buy more, new, to match. At $100 apiece new that was a huge NO!! So as I would stalk browse Craigslist I always kept an eye out for chairs.

Once I started seeing some chair makeovers on FB and Pinterest I started seeing potential in everything!

Then I found….THE chairs! This lady had 4 chairs (exactly how many I needed!) and they were $5 apiece (totally in my budget!) and she wasn’t too far away (SCORE!!) So after a James Bond-like pick up experience (go toward this intersection, then text me when 15 mins away and I will give you right address etc) I finally got to meet my chairs!! 😀 This lady had started to refinish them herself (sanded 2 thankyouverymuch!) and then her husband said Stop! Lets buy new! So they did. So here is what 2 of them looked like that had not been sanded:


Here’s the other 2 that she did sand:


I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I like chalk paint because there is no sanding and no prep. However, since 2 of these were sanded and 2 weren’t I was worried they wouldn’t look the same when done so…yep…I sanded the other 2! 😦 It was a pain and further reinforced my belief that I ❤ ASCP because I despise sanding!

Now the chairs were originally $50 ea (price tags under seats) but they just weren't too sturdy. So I nagged sweet-talked my husband into gluing and fixing them to make them sturdy. He DID!!! They are so sturdy now!! After he made them better than new, I decided I wanted to stain the seats to match the chairless table. I played with stains leftover from a bed project (another post, another day) and I found the match! So I stained the seats. Then I decided I wanted to try a different recipe chalk paint to make my own again. I found another off white oops paint+primer quart. This one was $3.50 so I grinned the whole way to the register 😉 I made my chalk paint (1 c. Paint + 2tbsp. Plaster of Paris + 2 tbsp. water) and with some help from my girls we started painting:


I did 2 coats of paint on the chairs, used Daddy Van’s Clear Furniture Wax that I picked up from Dumpster Diva then I used Miss. Mustard Seed’s Antiquing Wax which I


working with by the way. After 2 coats of antiquing wax, a final coat of clear wax, I distressed the chairs a little. I used Valspar Clear Satin to seal the seats where I had stained them and FINALLY they were done!


So for my little $5 chairs I think they turned out great. I didn’t like this chalk paint recipe much as the paint still was very hard to distress unlike the ASCP. I will keep experimenting! But for now I’m thrilled with my $5 chairs and the makeover I gave them! 🙂




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