Project #2 (and #3 and #4…)


When my sister left after the conference (she lives 5 hours away) the “piece that started it all” was almost done. She told me when she left that she wanted to see pics of it finished and in the house in its designated spot. I happily obliged and showed off my completed project via text message. But I was itching for another project…

Remember me telling you I dragged her along on my hunt for ASCP? Well…I failed to mention that I dragged her 5 month pregnant self through a craft mall to find the booth where the designated Annie Sloan “stockist” had paints available for sale. On our foray through the craft mall we oohed and aahed over lots of shabby chic distressed furniture and got tons of ideas for my soon to be niece’s nursery. She told me how she really wanted a bookshelf for the nursery but couldn’t find good deals on any. I shared with her that on my recent stalking browsing through Dallas Craigslist posts I had seen many a bookshelf. I emailed her several and we found one she liked that was solid wood priced at $60. I loaded up my teenage son and we went and picked it up. Here it is before I even touched it:


My sister sent me a picture of the bedding she had and I quickly realized there was no shade of ASCP that would meet our needs and definitely not the budget. So after much Pinterest research I decided I could make my own chalk paint. Why not? I painted 1 dresser so now I was an expert, right? 😉 I started out by going to Lowes and searching the “oops” paint. I found an off white oops quart of paint+primer for $5. I very nicely asked the paint girl if she could re-tint it in the color I needed Glidden “Guacamole”. She said she loved a challenge and went to work. She told me she couldn’t guarantee an exact match because of the off white the paint was already tinted but I said for $5 it was worth a shot! I got it home, mixed up my chalk paint (1 cup paint + 1/4 cup plaster of Paris) and went to work. I quickly realized there was a whole lot more area to cover on this shelf than on the previous piece. Here it is after 2 coats:


Then after pestering my sister via text over how much distressing she wanted done, I got to work. This homemade chalk paint didn’t distress as easily as ASCP and wasn’t as smooth going on as ASCP but I was determined to make it work. So I did a little lot of scrubbing with sandpaper and got it to the gently distressed look I was after. Then I sealed it with Valspar Clear Gloss. Because I know this piece is going in a nursery I wanted to be sure a) none of the paint would come off and b) the finish would be durable. That’s why I chose the gloss and not a wax. Here’s the finished shelf:

The distressing is harder to see in the pic but shows up nicely in person. Also, interesting to note the last picture is actually “right side up”. I think those shelves at the top will make very handy storage spots in the nursery.

As we wandered the craft mall, my sister was hunting for a distressed frame she could use above the crib. After seeing some that were $30-$40+ I decided I wanted to make her one two. So I found 2 old frames I had at home and painted them in the same paint as the shelf. I only did one coat and then I distressed them and sprayed poly on. Only one had glass in it, but that was all I needed. I used my friend’s Cricut and black vinyl adhesive paper to cut out my nieces name: Norah Mae. I stuck the letters on the glass leaving room to add her date of birth when we know it. That was project # 3. I still had one remaining frame but no glass. Again when I was dragging my sister around the craft mall, she had been on the hunt for the initial N. So I went to Michaels and picked up a white wooden “N”, some scrapbook paper that I matched to the bedding pic and I brought it home. I modge podged the paper to the initial and stuck it inside the frame (wahlah – project #4) What do you think? Will these look adorable on the wall behind the crib?



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