Milk Paint Adventure


In all my Pinterest research I discovered that a lot of people were raving about MILK PAINT. The store where I purchased my Miss. Mustard Seed’s Antiquing Wax, also sold her milk paint. However, it was $22 for one packet (it’s sold as a powder, then you mix with water and wahlah! Milk paint!).

So….I chose to go back to see my friend Melissa at Dumpster Diva and purchase some Old Fashioned Milk Paint in the colors Salem Red and Pitch Black ($12.50/pkt = much better!) I wanted to experiment with this. I had an existing side table next to my sofa that I didn’t love anymore so I decided to play with it. Here it is before:

Nothing fancy, mission style, from Target, used and abused by my family and in need of an update! In my research, I have learned that milk paint gives off a chippy finish. However, if you want it to be less chippy you can either add bonding agent (another product = more $$) or sand your piece and hope it sticks. Since I’m cheap, I decided to sand. Funny how I choose which things I will sand and which I won’t. Oh well! I wanted a layered look so I decided to paint the black first. Here’s how it turned out:

Milk paint was easy to paint with, went on smoothly, dried fast and dried in a flat/matte finish and I barely used 1/3 c. of the powder leaving me with LOTS left for additional projects! It didn’t flake or chip off the top which I sanded extremely well. It did flake and chip in between the slats on the sides where quite obviously my sanding job was subpar 😦

I waited half a day to ensure it was dry before doing the new color then mixed up some Salem Red and went to work:

I didn’t put a thick coat of red on, and I only did the one coat but I loved the look I got. Again, the red didn’t chip or flake on the top, but did between the slats. Note to self: better job sanding next time!
I finished it off with 2 coats of Daddy Van’s Clear Wax and moved it back into the house. This entire project took me a day! What a great experience with Old Fashioned Milk Paint 🙂 Wonder what else I can paint with it next….??



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