Bathroom makeover – Part 1


I started with “the piece that started it all” and quickly started running out of extra places to put furniture in my small house. So…I though to myself…what else do we have existing (therefore FREE!) that I could transform? And then it hit me: MY BATHROOM! My bathroom is small, poorly designed and plain, oh so very plain! Our budget is extremely limited and a total remodel is not in the plans til the kids are grown and moved out. At earliest that is 6 years from now (OMG I only have 6 years left with my kiddos!!!).

Back on track… so I decided that I could possibly makeover what we have and try to make the bathroom a more relaxing, soothing space.

Those who know me know I have always professed a hatred of painting. That’s why I find my love of painting furniture so ironic. But what I should have been saying all these years is that I hate painting walls! I love what color can do for a room but I hate the act of painting walls itself. My husband, the sweet loving half of our relationship, always says he will paint but I feel bad asking him to do what I just don’t like to do. So after 2.5 years in our house, our bathroom has stayed white and plain. UNTIL NOW!!

My birthday and Mothers Day are coming up. I asked darling hubby if he would paint the bathroom walls for me as a gift for one of those. He agreed!! I found this PIN that is my inspiration.

I decided I would attempt to find an oops paint (cheaper!) and have it tinted as close to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt as possible. I begin that quest today! In the meantime, I can totally start working on my vanity. It’s ugly as is:

So I decided to jump in with both feet. I started by removing the doors. I removed 3 of the 4 and the screws holding them on then my darling teenage son came along and said “mom, if you just unscrew the screws a little the door unhooks and you don’t have to take all the hardware off” OOPS! Guess he really does know more than his mama 😉

We removed the doors, attached the hardware, then labeled the doors:

I tried another new chalk paint recipe (1 c. paint + 1/4 c. water + 1 tbsp. plaster of Paris) and started painting:


I debated with my darling husband over whether we should distress this cabinet or not. We decided not. I sealed the piece and the doors with Valspar Clear Satin and look at how it turned out:


The Before & After:

Stay tuned for Part 2…


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