Bathroom makeover…Part 2


So after the cabinet in my bathroom got an update I was dying for the rest of the bathroom to catch up. I started out by going to Sherwin Williams to find a Sea Salt paint chip.

I then took that chip to Lowes and tried to find similar colors in paint chips. I happened to wander by the oops paint – I think I’m magnetically drawn there – and they had a gallon of Valspar Beach House in the “signature paint & primer satin finish”. It retails for $38/gal and they wanted $15 for this oops can. Was this my lucky day or WHAT?!? I went to the girl at the counter and asked her to add white to lighten it a tad. She happily obliged 🙂 at that price it was close enough to Sea Salt and I went with it!

I took my steal of a deal paint and went home. I set it in the garage and told my darling husband “I got the paint because it was a great deal. You don’t have to do it today but whenever you are ready, this paint is right here for you! Just whenever you are ready honey!” He got the hint 😉 and the next day he started painting!

Our bathroom is so small it’s awkward to photograph but here’s a few before shots:


Pardon the mess – we just piled everything in the tub and then I remembered the “before shot”.

My kids wanted to help dad paint so it became a family affair (I supervised, naturally!):


And finally it all came together:


It’s not a million dollar makeover but I do smile when I enter the bathroom now and I think the blue is a nice calming color. It makes the space nicer until we can make more expensive updates and I’m happy!



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