Estate sale finds…


When I started working on furniture I was curious where people found their pieces to work on. My first piece was just a dumb luck find on our local FB garage sale site. I use Craigslist but often get beat out because I can’t drop everything and go get it that instant.

So…after more research I learned that a lot of people frequent estate sales. Lots of older, sturdy furniture just begging to be made over can be found at estate sales. I started stalking following a local estate sale service on Facebook and saw some pieces they posted online. I happened to be free that day so I ran over there. Sadly the pieces I went for were either sold or not in good repair when I got there 😦

Instead I found this little nightstand


My youngest claimed it as soon as I got home and I decided I would paint it in Annie Sloan Old White and distress it for her. I sealed it with Annie Sloan clear wax.

What do you think?


I think I can’t wait to hit up the next estate sale 🙂



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