Bumblebee dresser


As my business is growing and people are bringing me more and more furniture to paint I’m getting to try different techniques, different types of paint and different colors. I LOVE it!

A client brought me this dresser that she found for $30:


It was in a sad state of affairs. Half the hardware was missing, one of the support legs was damaged, and the top was badly gauged. I called in my husband “Sgt. Fix-it” and he spent several weeks getting this dresser paint ready for me. He’s so awesome!

The client wanted a yellow dresser body with a black top. The exact shade of yellow she wanted could only be found in the Cece Caldwells line of paint. So I picked up a can of Carolina Sun Yellow and got to work.



We learned we hadn’t sanded the top properly when the black paint looked like crap and we had to strip:


And re-sand:


I made my own chalk paint for the top. I learned that the CC paint (in yellow at least) does not quite have the coverage that the Annie Sloan paint does. It took me 6 coats to get complete coverage with the CC yellow. I then did a little light distressing and put a coat of wax on it to seal it. The client had me spray paint the hardware from the top row of dressers and she bought new for the bottom 4 drawers. What do you think?



I don’t even like yellow as a color choice and I liked this one 🙂


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