Trade days toil


As I blogged about last time, I had many a table prepared to go to my booth at trade days. I worked very hard in the weeks prior to trade days accumulating furniture, then madly painting everything and trying to price it all effectively. This event was a true learning experience. What did I learn?

I learned:

*sitting outside in 90+ degree weather 3 days straight is terrible draining miserable. No other word to describe but miserable.
*hauling furniture to and from my booth was a ridiculous amount of work.
*why other vendors choose fixed indoor locations to sell their pieces.
*who my true friends are that chose to come sit with me in said miserableness.
*the term “flea market” being tossed around in lieu of “trade days” makes people instantly think anything priced above $10 is too high.
*rearranging the booth multiple times a day keeps me from being bored 😉

Will I do trade days again? No! Will I continue to paint furniture? Absolutely! As my husband & I discussed many times during that weekend, this was a learning experience and I now know what I am and am not willing to do. I met some great people that weekend, spread the word about my business, sold a LOT of milk paint, but I think that I’m going to keep my business home based for now.

I wanted to show a quick peek at a dresser I literally finished during the trade days and brought up on the last day. It sold at the last minute of the last day. Coincidentally I had purchased this chest from a local couple, who happened to stop by and see it and were quite pleased with its transformation.





In all the hustle and bustle of trade days, the only pic I got of it “after” was in my booth.

Here are some more pics of my booth throughout the weekend:





Never stop learning!


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