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Creating my blogdom


Once upon a time I had a blog. Somehow…I drifted away from it, forgot the password, couldn’t figure out how to get back into it and now it’s a random site out there in blog land with no way to update it *sigh*

Fast forward to recent times and I’ve gotten into refinishing furniture and absolutely love it. Several people asked me to start blogging about it so I decided to re-enter blog land and created this new one 🙂

A few months ago, my friend Diane found this place on Facebook that refinished a great furniture piece she found from one of those FB garage sale pages. Their business is known as Shabby Chea’s and these were her results:


So….I decided I would start with my daughters room. All her furniture was from IKEA and didn’t provide much enclosed storage. I found this

on Craigslist and I took it to Shabby Chea’s and it turned into this:


We added this piece that Chea had already completed and quickly her room looked so much better!


I was thrilled with it and after stalking following their page for a while I decided maybe I wanted to try my hand at it. So after another few weeks I found this piece on our local FB garage sale site:


$50 and it was all MINE!! 😀 My husband thought I was nuts but I had a “vision”. Stay tuned for how I transformed this piece…