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Open for Business…


After much prayer, consideration and time I made my new business official. I opened a Facebook page and I registered for a local trade days that is starting up in June. I’ve confirmed out of the 80+ other vendors that only one other person is selling furniture WOOHOO!! I even got one of those square card reader thingys so I can take credit cards 🙂 I have a plethora of emotions running through me…excitement, nerves, fear (doesn’t everyone fear failure?) and did I mention excitement? Casa de Cass Designs is up and running and I’m buckling up for the ride!

I love painting furniture, I adore the thrill of finding great pieces that need to made over. I’m reminded of the Confucius quote that says

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

When my family sees a garage full of furniture, I see a wonderland of treasures and I start to obsess over how each and every piece will be painted. I know it sounds crazy but most of the pieces I paint kind of speak to me and tell me what color they should end up. I love that!

Anyway, to help me build my business I’m asking everyone to share my page with anyone and everyone they know. It’s a small thing but I’m hoping to start doing classes and giveaways and in order to do that it is helpful if I have a larger audience.

June 21-23 is my first big “sales” opportunity at the trade days and I’ve secured almost all the furniture I think I need and I’m praying for a sell out event!

These 2 pieces are the first ones I’ve ever gotten that basically said don’t paint me! So they are coming to trade days with me and I will be selling them as is, but offering a paint option in case my buyer wants that.


This is an adorable little wardrobe that I see in a little girls room or a nursery.


This vanity pic was taken by the seller so the clutter you see is NOT MINE!! But aren’t they great pieces? I love love love them. They will be offered at $150 each or $275 for the pair AS IS 🙂


Musical Tables


I have posted before about a dining table or two 😉

It started with us realizing that our current table wasn’t working in our small kitchen nook space:

So I made it over and blogged about that here.
I purchased a table from Dumpster Diva and it looked like this:

But it just wasn’t working for our space. I did lots of Pinterest research and came up with some inspiration photos like this:

And a few other pins like this one and this one. So….I listed my black table for sale and went on the hunt for a round table. I found this on Craigslist:

It came with 6 super sturdy chairs with loads of carved detail:

And the table itself had some nice detail:

I bought it and it sat in the garage until the black table sold (1 week!) and the day they picked up the black table I started painting the round table and all 6 chairs. My family reminded me that I had said NO MORE TABLES. Painting difficult pieces is like giving birth. During the process you say lots of things and afterwards, the bad memories fade! 😉
I painted the table and all 6 chairs from start to finish in ONE DAY! I used Annie Sloan Old White and heavily heavily distressed with 220 grit sandpaper. Then I waxed the chairs and table base with Annie Sloan Clear Wax and then did 4 coats of poly on the table top so we could eat at the table without placemats, coasters etc.
Here’s the table:

Here’s the chairs:


The leaf insert which we may never use:

Customary before/after:

And the table all set up in our space:

I’m going to add some different decor to the wall and replace the light fixture but for now I love the table and love the new look it gave our space and the size is perfect. Wonder how long til I start bugging my hubby to install those built in benches…?!? 🙂


File that under Fabulous Find ;)


Another fun thing about my hobby/side job is that I periodically stumble across great deals for…ME!!

The first piece I did I usually refer to as “the piece that started it all” but others refer to it as “the first piece you did” or “that dresser thingy” when asking me how I created that finish. You can read about it here but I’ve decided to call that finish my “signature finish”.

I was cruising the online classifieds and I stumbled across this filing cabinet:


For 2 years I’ve been managing our files in canvas totes. And hunting for the perfect cabinet (lateral, 2 drawer, decent looking, and CHEAP!) Then BINGO! There it was! $40 and a slight mishap during loading and it was all mine 🙂 Let me tell you that booger is H-E-A-V-Y!!

I rushed home and painted it in my signature finish. Annie Sloan Old Ochre paint with Minwax dark walnut stain as a glaze, then sealed with poly gloss.


I spray painted the handles black and put it all back together and by the next day it was sitting next to my desk…which I also painted while it was in the garage during floor remodel 🙂

Here it was before ($20 online classified find):


Here it is after in my “signature finish”:


Here’s a pic of the filing cabinet inside (the colors always look different from my garage to inside the house:

Now I have a nice little office setup that was made over in a day and I love it! Stayed tuned for more client pieces soon…..


Santa Fe Turquoise


One of the great things about this adventure turning into a side business for me is when I get to help my friends turn furniture deals into really great pieces.

My BFF found this great deal on a set of pine bedroom furniture for her daughter.


There were 5 pieces in this set:
a toy box
3 different chest/dressers and a hutch/bookshelf. Initially I said “Sure, I can do that”. Then when it was delivered I looked around and thought to myself “man this is a LOT to paint!” I’m always up for a challenge so I got to it 🙂

There was some kind of flower decal on each piece of this set and the great thing about chalk paint is that it goes right over anything so I didn’t even have to try and sand/remove it.

I started by painting 2 coats of CeCe Caldwells Santa Fe Turquoise:


Then I did a coat of Annie Sloan clear wax and then a coat of dark wax to distress it using 0000 steel wool to work the wax in. You can see here the difference between a drawer that is just painted and one that is dark waxed and distressed:

Once I’d finished the dark wax I went back over each piece with another coat of clear wax to seal it.
Here’s the finished set:




On the hutch I chose to not dark wax the inside because a) it will most likely be covered with books and stuff and b) it would have been too much dark wax in my opinion.

Here’s the customary side by side comparison:

I really liked using this paint. It had much better coverage than the yellow and I love the way each piece transformed. I did 2 coats on all these pieces and still had about 1/4 can left over. Best of all, the sweet girl I painted this for loved it. The greatest part of all this for me is when I finish a piece and the person I’m doing it for loves it. Best. Feeling. EVER!

I have a garage with 9 more client pieces calling my name so stay tuned…


Bumblebee dresser


As my business is growing and people are bringing me more and more furniture to paint I’m getting to try different techniques, different types of paint and different colors. I LOVE it!

A client brought me this dresser that she found for $30:


It was in a sad state of affairs. Half the hardware was missing, one of the support legs was damaged, and the top was badly gauged. I called in my husband “Sgt. Fix-it” and he spent several weeks getting this dresser paint ready for me. He’s so awesome!

The client wanted a yellow dresser body with a black top. The exact shade of yellow she wanted could only be found in the Cece Caldwells line of paint. So I picked up a can of Carolina Sun Yellow and got to work.



We learned we hadn’t sanded the top properly when the black paint looked like crap and we had to strip:


And re-sand:


I made my own chalk paint for the top. I learned that the CC paint (in yellow at least) does not quite have the coverage that the Annie Sloan paint does. It took me 6 coats to get complete coverage with the CC yellow. I then did a little light distressing and put a coat of wax on it to seal it. The client had me spray paint the hardware from the top row of dressers and she bought new for the bottom 4 drawers. What do you think?



I don’t even like yellow as a color choice and I liked this one 🙂




As much fun as I’ve had making over new (to me) pieces, it’s even more fun when someone loves something I did.

When my mom came here to attend Dumpster Diva’s class with me she took a liking to my little table I did here. So…she took it home with her 🙂

Then I had an empty space next to my sofa. So I began a search again for another table. I found this one on Craigslist:


And I decided to paint it to match the first piece I ever did which sits proudly behind my sofa. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint and Minwax dark walnut stain as a glaze. I sealed it with poly:

And it moved right in:


I guess I should start looking for pieces I can sell, since more of my pieces have ended up in my house than not! Although I do currently have a garage full of client pieces I am working on. Casa de Cass designs is moving full speed ahead!


Back To Chalk Paint


After my foray into Milk Paint, I decided I wanted to go back to chalk paint and play some more with the ASCP. I painted “the piece that started it all” with Annie Sloan “Old Ochre” chalk paint and I still had half a can left. I decided I needed wanted another side table for the other end of our couch. Hello my old friend Craigslist! Found this cute little table for $10:

I decided to sand it (I don’t know why but I did!):

I painted it with 2 light coats of ASCP then I used Miss. Mustard Seed’s Antiquing Wax followed by Daddy Van’s Clear Wax then I lightly distressed it with a 220 grit sanding block. Didn’t it turn out great?

I completed this project in a day also! It is so addicting!