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Santa Fe Turquoise


One of the great things about this adventure turning into a side business for me is when I get to help my friends turn furniture deals into really great pieces.

My BFF found this great deal on a set of pine bedroom furniture for her daughter.


There were 5 pieces in this set:
a toy box
3 different chest/dressers and a hutch/bookshelf. Initially I said “Sure, I can do that”. Then when it was delivered I looked around and thought to myself “man this is a LOT to paint!” I’m always up for a challenge so I got to it 🙂

There was some kind of flower decal on each piece of this set and the great thing about chalk paint is that it goes right over anything so I didn’t even have to try and sand/remove it.

I started by painting 2 coats of CeCe Caldwells Santa Fe Turquoise:


Then I did a coat of Annie Sloan clear wax and then a coat of dark wax to distress it using 0000 steel wool to work the wax in. You can see here the difference between a drawer that is just painted and one that is dark waxed and distressed:

Once I’d finished the dark wax I went back over each piece with another coat of clear wax to seal it.
Here’s the finished set:




On the hutch I chose to not dark wax the inside because a) it will most likely be covered with books and stuff and b) it would have been too much dark wax in my opinion.

Here’s the customary side by side comparison:

I really liked using this paint. It had much better coverage than the yellow and I love the way each piece transformed. I did 2 coats on all these pieces and still had about 1/4 can left over. Best of all, the sweet girl I painted this for loved it. The greatest part of all this for me is when I finish a piece and the person I’m doing it for loves it. Best. Feeling. EVER!

I have a garage with 9 more client pieces calling my name so stay tuned…


Labor of Love (& friendship)


Most of my friends know that what started me on this DIY obsession adventure is seeing my friend Diane’s hutch redone. That rabbit hole led me to find Dumpster Diva but most of you don’t know I bought a table from her (DD) prior to learning how to do-it-myself!

We had a table (2 in fact). A formal dining table (as old as I am) that I bought from my grandparents and an “everyday” table we purchased back in 1999 for over $1000. Our everyday table was well loved and served us well but a little large for our current space. It had 6 chairs and 2 leaves and extended to 8′ long. When I bought my new table from DD I thought I would just sell my old table for a couple hundred bucks. No such luck. Because it was a lighter oak color,


No one wanted to pay a decent price for it. Never mind that the chairs were sturdy, table functioned great and it was solid wood. So….it sat in front living area making the place look like a furniture store. I considered painting it and then trying to sell it for more. But I worried that I would paint it white and potential buyers would want black or vice versa. And quite frankly I did not want to put forth the effort. So….it sat. And sat. And sat. Then my best friend Heather asked me if I would paint it for her. Suddenly I was motivated. Sort of.

I pestered her to death with pictures and “Do you like..?”‘s. She graciously told me what she liked and didn’t and we decided on a “shabby” white finish with a stained top. How hard could that be?

Well….I started sanding the top. I sanded for 8 hours, broke a sander, bought a new sander and managed to only sand 1/3 of the table. I sent Heather various texts expressing my absolute hatred for this stupid table. She lovingly thanked me for my hard work and listened to my venting. My neighbor came home and said “oh, you have the wrong type sander, wanna borrow my (better, faster, more expensive) sander?” DO I?!?!? Duh!!!! One hour with his nifty sander and table was all done. All done! One hour!! Boy did I feel stupid.

Here’s the table top laid out before sanding (garage lighting makes it look yellow, but it was really just a light pine or blonde oak color):


Here’s my teenager giving me a break and helping me sand:


Here’s the table top fully sanded and “raw”:


I painted all 6 chairs and the table base and tabletop edge in Annie Sloan’s Old Ochre and sealed with Annie Sloan clear wax. The table top was stained in MinWax Provincial and sealed with 7 coats of poly.

Here’s a before shot of a chair (those boogers were a pain to paint also!):


Here’s the chairs painted:



And here’s a step by step of the tabletop prior to poly:


Once we put the tabletop back on the base it really came together nicely and I began to like the way it turned out:


Man, that is one loooong table! Anyhow, after much temper tantrum venting on my part (through the entire table process) we were finally able to deliver the table to my dear friend Heather and see it set up in her dining room. Doesn’t it look great in there?


And I’m thrilled to say she was my first paying customer and I’m now working on a new piece for another client…I believe “Casa de Cass Designs” has been born 🙂