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Time out!


Several months ago, I blogged about some projects I did for my sister for baby Norah’s nursery (linky here).

A month or so after that I stopped at a community garage sale and found this great little chair for only $2:


I knew instantly that Norah needed that chair as a “time out” chair. Her brother has one and it gets its fair share of use. Obviously Norah, taking after the women in our family isn’t going to need a time out chair 😉 but just in case….I snagged this one 🙂

I started sanding it and discovered that it had been blue, purple, white, green, yellow and flowery in its past lives:

I decided to paint it black as a base and I just used some black latex paint I happened to have leftovers of. Well, after painting for months with chalk paint which dries in a matter of 5-30 mins depending on brand I was really not happy that the latex paint took about 3 days to cure properly 😦
See…..I like immediate results (read: I have zero patience!!). And when I don’t get that, I get bored and move onto something else. This is why chalk paint works so well for me! So while Norah’s black time out chair was curing, I got distracted bored and worked on about 6 other projects. So it sat…and sat…and sat!

When I finally got a break from my other projects (and the date for my next trip to Lubbock started looming closer and closer) I mixed up the remainder of the guacamole paint I had used on Norah’s book case and got busy painting the lil chair.

Following my sisters instruction from the bookshelf I only did minimal distressing (just enough for the black to show through) and then it was DONE!

Not bad for a $2 garage sale find, huh?